Our souls are hungry. Hungry for depth, for meaning, for acknowledgment.

I made this newsletter for you, love. To help feed hungry hearts.

To keep you grounded in the beauty of life — using language and visuals and art and love.

Thought Cookie is a time to explore words and ideas from the soul of life.

It’s a place for rest and a cup of tea or a glass of water and breath.

It’s an ephemeral thing that will hopefully have a direct, soothing and real effect on your heart and mind.

In it, you’ll find little sketches, inspirational content, poems, links to other delicious content. When you read Thought Cookie, my intention is for you to feel:

  • comforted

  • inspired

  • soulfully seen

My hope is that those of us who find that from this content (me included!) will share it and that our little Thought Cookie community will grow.

I invite you to subscribe now so you don’t miss out on a newsletter. And please feel free to share Thought Cookie with someone you think will be fed by it.

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Emily Soccorsy

At my soul, I'm a writer. That's iterated (so far) as a teacher, a journalist, editor, ghostwriter, brand strategist, and as an entrepreneur. I have an endless ache to craft words and use soul and creativity to acknowledge and heal hearts.