Words about The Great Transformation

Thought Cookie: Edition 14, Vol. 2

Thought Cookie: Edition 14, Vol. 2

A Poem of Transformation

This is a time of great transformation. 

I kept expecting to write, “transition” but that would not embody all of what I’m feeling, observing and experiencing. 

What we find ourselves in is transition. 

What we are doing is transforming. 

The transition is painful, annoying, uncomfortable. 

The transformation is highly spiritual. 

It’s happening in the deep interior of us. 

As these inner realizations find footing inside of us, they begin to slowly hike out. Into our outward being. 

Into our actions, what we choose,

how we handle the ones we love, 

the way we spend our time. 

In the last year and a half, I’ve been broken down in ways I cannot yet name

and affirmed in ways that surprise and confound me. 

A woman in her mid-40s, 

this transformation coincides 

with the interwoven lessons of 

love, loss, identity of midlife. 

It feels mysteriously poignant to be holding both at once.

In the blitz of the pandemic, 

bombs exploding nightly,  

hunkered in our underground shelters

we hoped the detonations stayed far away,

our homes and hearts untouched.

To survive, I pulled down hard 

on the lever 

of my own resilience (an inborn gift). 

Now, I feel myself scanning the endless corridors

to find the doorway opened by that grit.

I can’t see the portal yet. 

but when I close my eyes, I feel a 

certainty of fresh air coming

from some hidden, nearby gaping breezeway.

In that arrow-marked way out, I anticipate

less giving in to the struggles of the mind.

More taking action to care for myself,

to embrace what is mine

to explore first, 

in sweet time.

Then give. 

Not to give as a way of being.

All of this transformation becoming a poem of living. 

A poem of becoming. 

A poem of transformation.

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