This is Thought Cookie...

Delicious morsels of words and wonder crafted to soothe tired souls

Welcome to Thought Cookie! I’m Emily Soccorsy.

I made this newsletter for you, love. It’s a place to create for creators. It’s a time to explore words and ideas from the soul of life. It’s an ephemeral thing that will hopefully have a direct, soothing and real effect on your heart and mind.

In it, you’ll find little sketches, inspirational content, poems, links to other delicious content. When you read Thought Cookie, my intention is for you to feel:

  • comforted

  • inspired

  • soulfully seen

My hope is that those of us who find that from this content (me included!) will share it and that our little Thought Cookie community will grow.

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Curious to know more about moi?

Let me tell you a little about me…

I am a 40-something woman living in the southwestern United States. I’ve been in love with language for as long as I can remember. I’m a lifelong writer. I’m a mostly self-taught artist. I’m a poet and a thinker. I feel all of the feelings of life and celebrate my emotional capacity and encourage others to recognize their own emotional abilities and do the same. I am a mother and a partner to three incredible human beings who inspire and challenge me daily!

I’m also an entrepreneur by necessity and ambition. I needed to leave corporate settings (I’ve worked in non-profit, international education, media and journalism, public relations, social media and strategic communication) in order to create a culture I wanted to work in. I first left in 2010, then was drawn back in 2012, where I remained until 2016. In late 2015, I quietly co-founded a company called Root + River with my business partner Justin Foster. In spring of 2016, I left my veep job and have been growing this one-of-a-kind intrinsic branding practice since then. Our Root + River team works with mission-driven and quietly defiant leaders to uncover and articulate the soul of their brand and roll it out to the world. We teach these leaders how to practice intrinsic branding as a way to share their story consistently and memorably with the world. I’m so proud of Root + River and all we’ve done and our business has grown every year we’ve served our clients.

Becoming an entrepreneur returned to me the inherent value in myself as a creative and highly emotional soul. It gave me a chance to integrate my life and my work and my creativity and my ambition. It led me down a path to discover and heal my dividedness, which inspired me to walk that path with others on that journey. Before this moment in my life, I was so divided against myself. I believed I needed to fragment my professional self and emotional self and personal self and mother self and wife self. Keeping all of those slices intact was exhausting.

But letting go and letting myself come together was frightening.

It still scares me at times.

But I have been encouraged to continue on the path, to give what I can. One of my favorite quotes is, “What we have, we have to share.”*

So I share Thought Cookie with you, my friend.

I invite you to sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue. And I look forward to your thoughts, feedback and spiritual downloads.

And please, if Thought Cookie connects for you, do tell your friends!

(*Quote from a lyric from “Look Down,” from Les Miserable, the musical theatre production, songwriters Alain Boublil, Alain Albert Boublil, Claude Michel Schonberg, Herbert Kretzmer and Jean Marc Natel)